CBot's Webfront

This is the web front-end for CBot, a bot for the MMORPG Eternal Lands.


CBot is the mostly maintainted backport of the common elements between my other bots (currently Trinity and LNX). It includes all the functions to connect to the server, and send and process messages, as well as optionally connect to a MySQL database. It also handles user permissions either via the MySQL database, or a flat file. It serves as a good base for a bot.

Note: the existing trading functions have not yet been updated and are to be considered completely non-functional!!

CBot is written in C and was originally based on the El Client itself. It has had many maintainers from what I have been able to find out, and started life as ELBot. I obtained this code from CrusadingKnight's Storebot project and customised it for Trin. After developing Trin, I stripped out her specific functionality to pass the code onto those wanting a headstart developing their own bot.

Since then I have developed several bot "types" from this base. Trin is a general use public bot, with some functions restricted to certain permission levels, including guild only. LNX and LawAndOrder are/were guild bots with functions specifically for guild management. CBot is a clean or "base" bot, designed to be customised as required. I am also in the process of fixing the trading code to develop a tradebot type as well.

Subversion Repository

You can find the subversion repository for CBot here.


You can find more information about my other bots here.